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Another Baby on the Way for Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis

Being pregnant for the second time is something that this celebrity couple has been ready for. This great news comes from Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.

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6 Ways to Do Baby Massage

Some parents felt that their baby massage will hurt that tiny little bones of the baby. Well, not if you do it with love and the right ways.

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Relationship Between Indian Actress with Mother In-Law

Relationship between daughter in-law and their mother in-law is mostly perceived with misunderstanding. How is the relationship between Indian actress and mother in-law?

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David Beckham : “Victoria is Very Proud of That.”

What you and family do at night? For David Beckham and family during the bed time, when all kids gather on the bed, movie night is the special night.
The former footballer opened up about his and family ritual before bedtime.
“All of this because we had so many children…four kids stack at bed time, so movie night kind of change for the roughly evening.” Beckham continues, “We’re kind of traditional family, we make popcorn and make lots of fun.”
Proud dad also share the story about his little girl, Harper.
“My little girl …

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Bruce Springsteen Dance Performance

Bruce Springsteen prove his musics favored by all generations.

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Bristol Palin: “Looks Exactly Like Her Daddy.”

Bristol Palin yet announced her daughter’s daddy through her Instagram, her certainty is not because her daughter looks only…

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Kim Kardashian Shares Saint West Picture on Special Day

Finally, after a little teasing around with hand picture of Saint West with his sister’s hand, North West, Kim Kardashian share the picture of her lovely son on special day to remembered.