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Helena Bonham Carter Lives in Fantasy World

8 March 2010 121,918 views 2 Comments


I love watch her latest movie, Alice in Wonderland, especially with Red Queen‘s big head and “low-volume-post-lunch mouth”. Helena Bonham Carter, 43, loves act as much she loves being a kid.

“I was comfy being a child, even though I was probably a kind of old child. Now I’m a young adult, if you see what I mean.”

So comfy in fantasy job, makes her suit to her long time partner, Tim Burton, who direct her latest movie, Alice in Wonderland. As for her son, Billy Raymond Burton, 6, the apple hasn’t fallen far from tree.

Billy does “wave wands and pretend”, follows her act as Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I and II.

“So I’m growing up with him again, and we’ve got a lot to talk about. He said the other day, “Mom, do you have to be a queen or a witch tomorrow?” (This is a different queen; I’ve just been another queen.) It’s pretty much like that though – I’m a witch one day or a queen the other. It’s just lucky. I love fantasy time.”

Aware to having a high fantasy mind partner, Tim Burton, she tells that she doesn’t know who he is because they’ve been “separated for months.”

“Because he’s been stuck in his room drawing and directing and animating all this time,” preparing his latest project Dark Shadows.

When she asked whether Tim has approached her about appearing in his Dark Shadows, Helena said she had something more to be concerned.

“What I just want to know is if he’s coming home now for the babies.”

But above all his madness in fantasy, Helen said,
“He’s not a mad professor type. His time management is good. He is financially responsible. A part of him maybe exists in an alternative reality but he is a very sane and grounded good father.”

She realize her job has make her far from her children, even her children, Billy and 2 years old daughter, Nell Burton, recognize her and love her movie, such The Gruffalo, her new animated film.

“To be honest I should probably stop and remind my children who their mother is. And Tim.”

Helena admits the clashes that happened when they work together,

“At home I’m the boss – he calls me ‘chief’ and I would say on the whole he likes me to make the decisions. At work is where we sometimes get it wrong. He’s the boss and I’m not as silent as he’d like me to be.”


  • anthony said:

    I love Helena a lot, but I don’t think she should be in Dark Shadows, it’d be Todd and Lovett all over again.

  • lucy said:

    no she must she should be in the darck shadows I LUV U HELENA