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Safe and Educated Toys

26 May 2009 2,768 views No Comment

I love the Mary Meyer collection of baby plush toys. Not only because all soft and colorful toys filling with nursery, but also the toys stimulate,brain develop, smiles, curiosity.

Since the experience of your little baby awakening to the world around her is one of the absolute miraculous events of parenthood Mary Meyer is the right one to be with your child.

The interactive pillow has aural and textural sensations of crinkliness, softness and a small reflective surface.  There are 3 models, Lucky Ducky, Mango Monkey and Cutsie Caterpiller [$29.99 – $32.49]

The rattle rattles of course, but is also a great shape for tiny hands to hold (and relentlessly drop from the high chair).

The soft plushy wind-up caterpillar plays sweet little melodies. Everything is done in bright pastel pinks, greens, blues and white

They also have an organic line including organic Taggies plush and a line called Fuzz That Wuzz that is made from recycled plastic water bottles.

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