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Live Parental Control for Your Family Safety

12 August 2009 2,158 views No Comment

Having trouble to control what your children watch or see on the internet? Having unpeaceful feeling whenever your children browsing or doing something that has related to internet devices which could be bad effect and inappropriate things to your children? Today life is easier for parents, because we have live parental control.

Live Parental Controls
is an excellent solution for keeping your family safe online, but like all Web filtering tools, it isn’t perfect. NETGEAR reminds you there’s no substitute for keeping the family computer in a common area and in plain sight where you can monitor the Web sites your kids are visiting, and taking caution when visiting Web sites requesting personal or financial information.

Netgear had announced the release of Live Parental Controls, a comprehensive Web-filtering feature it has developed in collaboration with OpenDNS that makes the Internet safer, faster and more reliable, to integrate its technology into select wireless router and gateway products.

It has a remote management from mobile devices and highly flexible settings, different than other parental control solutions. Live Parental Control able to filtering unsafe and inappropriate websites on all internet which is connecting via router for more than 50 categories of content.

Rather than install and manage parental control software applications on individual computers and other Internet-connected devices, customers set the rules on the router, which can be managed remotely. And these powerful network-based parental controls not only protect personal computers but also mobile wireless devices such as the PSP™ and iPod Touch™, and gaming consoles such as the Wii™.

Any parents should make internet filtering when they get a computer or other internet enable devices, it brings peace to parents’ heart and mind that their children are not seeing something bad and inappropriate for their age.

Live Parental Controls are immediately available on new NETGEAR WNR2000 Wireless-N Router. Installation is made simple by following the instructions on the Smart Wizard installation CD included with the product.

NETGEAR  WNR2000 Wireless-N Router is one year back warranty and the price is a great deal considering the new webfilter, it costs about $108.00 $99.99.

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