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Lori Loughlin Shares About Her Balance Life

21 October 2009 10,984 views 2 Comments

Lori Loughlin, 43, starring the 90210 and also a mother of two daughter, Isabella Rose, 11, and Olivia Jade, 10, shares the parenting she applies on her family. How she put all on the balance between work and mothering her children.

The Aunt Becky of Full House, got a good opportunity in 90210, beside it shoots in California, and it is important for her.
“I really won’t work outside of the state of California. I certainly wouldn’t do it for a TV series, because I would not be away from my children. I couldn’t do that.”

Having a job with flexible time working is a dream for all working mom. As an actress the working schedule keep changes with episode to episode, it’s the fun job for mom, “It takes seven days to shoot one episode, so some days I’ll work one day an episode, some days I‘ll work two or three days an episode, but usually there’s enough down time for me to be with my girls.”

Having young children is a challenge and fun, for Loughlin it is a “plus” condition, since she can be involved in their school activities and  volunteer her time up at school. “I can be there to take them to soccer practice, and I’m home at night to make dinner and help them with their homework.”

Everything doesn’t go smooth anyway, still there’s a problem for working mom between her guilty feeling about the children and being professional at work. Still every wonder mom needs help. She tells,
“Like all working moms, I have the days where, it’s my child’s birthday but I’m called into work that day and I can’t get snack up to school. Or there’s a conflict between something that my child is doing and work schedule. My daughter was on the school basketball team last year and there were a couple of games that I just couldn’t make it to because I had to work. But I’m very lucky in the sense that if I can’t be there, my husband always can. So if both of us can’t be there, one of us will be there.”

Begun working in acting when she was childless and “worked out well”, then she was ready to have children from there she was more established and more flexibility as result, “which has served me and my children well.”

The good part in acting business is the capability to learn about motherhood when you have no children while acting as mother or aunt, just like Loughlin here.

“I’ve gained a lot of knowledge being around kids when they were little on Full House and seeing how their parents handled them or how the teachers on the set handled them. You learn little things and you pick up tricks of the trade. But I’m sure a large part of my parenting comes from how my mom and dad parented. My mother was always very open and honest and a good communicator, and I try to be that way with my girls.”

And from 90210 she gets “a little more savvy as to what might be involved in the world of teenager” for her girls later after they’re older and become teenagers.

It’s good condition for working woman to have a partner in life or a husband, that can be shared of parenting duties. Lori Loughlin has married with Mossimo Giannulli, the creator of the Mossimo clothing line in 1997, and since her husband job also not 8 to 5, whenever Loughlin is not available, she knows who to count on.
We’re pretty good about making our kids the priority, and he has a little bit more flexibility in his schedule. I know I can always count on him to pick up the slack. We split on a week-to-week basis depending on what’s going on in our own work schedules.”

“Both my girls play soccer now. Sometimes their soccer games overlap, so we divide and conquer. I go to one game, he goes to another game. We work it out.”

Teach children about discipline might need an extra work, but again it will be easier if two solid persons involved in parenting.

My husband and I are both pretty strict disciplinarians. We are not fans of disrespectful children, so it’s something neither one of us will tolerate. Therefore, we’re on our girls to be polite, kind and thoughtful young women.
Since they’re just a year apart, there are days when they play and play by the hour and they get along really well, and then there are days when they fight over every little thing that they can bicker over. But I think that’s just normal. If you spend that much time with another person, I’m sure you’re going to have your good days and you’re going to have your bad days.”

Okay, it’s surely very busy, being a mother of two and a working mom also, not yet about the house work when would be the time for ‘me’? “As kids have gotten older and they are in school full time, it’s definitely gotten easier.”

“I find working out helps balance out things for me. I like that kind of personal time for myself. It just puts me in a better frame of mind. And I think when you’re in a better frame of mind, a better mood, you’re better at everything you do.”

Doing yoga, join the exercise class, go for hike, look out for yourself and get back on your sensor, do it for an hour of the day and it always helps. It sounds like a good suggestion from Lori Loughlin. How does she balance it all?

“I would say you have to take one day at a time, and do the best job that you can. Love your children, and at the end of the day, don’t beat yourself up. As my mother said, in spite of it all, “they will grow up, they will go on, and they will survive.” I still call her for parenting advice.”

Just curious how a mother like Lori Loughlin spends her time with daughters? She says,
“We hang out at the beach, or sometimes I take them to lunch and we sit down and talk. Sometimes we play games. Now that they’re getting older, they like to help me in the kitchen, so we cook together. They like to hang out and bake. It’s also a great way to spend time with them and teach them about measurements, which also helps them in school.”

Above all her busy time to balance her life as mom and actress, she spares her time to involved in new campaign called Voice of Meningitis. Slight about meningococcal meningitis, “it would kill with flu like symptoms,” Loughlin explains,

“Most often, victims are misdiagnosed and when they figure out what it is, it’s too late. I have children that are all in the age bracket—preteen and teen years—where the rates of meningococcal meningitis are greater. When I read all the literature, I thought to myself, this is a vaccination that is important and worthwhile to get for my child. It’s an ounce of prevention. And that’s why I decided to endorse this particular vaccination.”


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