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Special Gift

7 December 2009 1,843 views One Comment


Do you have a bit of difficulties to find the right gift for your children? The one that will make your children happy and thank to you?

Well, my daughter actually really understanding about the situation that make us as her parents to tighten our budget on anything. She said that she doesn’t want anything for her birthday and christmas either. She’s only asking to see butterflies.

I plan to bring her to botanical garden, but if the climate doesn’t support us to go there, perhaps I will make her room full with paper butterflies, buy her another animal figure from jellycat or a simply appaman outfit.

And for me and my hubby, I’ll choose a nice loungewear from barefoot dreams. Nice, soft and cozy for every tough days.

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  • Neneng said:

    You know, I really don’t like Jon or Kate, but can we leave them alone alardey??! Jeez. I have smacked my son the mouth once when he decided to call me the B word. You can bet my child no longer thinks it’s OK to call me, or anyone, that word again!Anyway, it looks to me like his brother is messing around with him and Kate is putting her hand over his mouth. I’m not sure what’s wrong with that?! By all means, let keep focusing on what people are doing wrong instead of trying to catch people doing good.