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Jennifer Garner: “I Had a Purse Full of Lollipops”

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She is so beautiful in a Valentino dress during the Toronto International Film Festival on Tuesday night (September 13). Jennifer Garner‘s wearing a dress that color is almost the same as her skin color, pregnant with her third child, Garner sparkled that night.

Mother of two daughters, Violet, 5½ and Seraphina, 2½, spoke to USAToday about her present, and it’s for her husband, Ben Affleck and to promote her latest film, Butter.

“I was here for my husband last year for The Town. I was here before that for The Invention of Lying,” she says. “I have spent some serious time in Canada, for sure.”

If cared for, Garner stood tall in a pair of peep-toe stilettos. Isn’t it reasonable for pregnant women to avoid shoes with high heels like that? I guess once in a while would not be harmed, besides she looked gorgeous on those Prada heels. Garner says the reason, whiter or not she’s bragging or anything.

“I wore the short ones. Rachel Zoe would not be happy. I have some that are two inches taller that I wore last night,” she says. “You go through a training course when you’re in the Screen Actors Guild. They have an obstacle course in platform heels. Everybody you see out there, we’re all in it.”

Garner experienced based on the last two pregnancy to have a good time is, “Snacks. We have snacks in the car. We have candy in the car,” she says.

She continues her tips during the trip, “Find ways to be as comfortable as possible and just go with it. It’s not an illness, being pregnant. I’m in the easiest part of it.”

Jennifer admits that there have been some queasy moments.

“We were at a screening in the first trimester, when I was quite green,” she recalls. “And we were sitting in this restaurant beforehand. We needed to have these conversations, but the smells of the restaurant — I was really like, wooo,” she adds. “I had this lollipop at the time. I had a purse full of lollipops. People were like: ‘Do you want dinner? You’re just going to have a lollipop?’ I was like, ‘Nope, just lollipops.’ I was like having one after the other after the other. So that was difficult.”

She is not a type who actually execute everything about what to avoided for pregnant moms, caffeine is one of the things.

“While I’m very good about caffeine, I am also not afraid once or twice a pregnancy to have a half-caf latte. Today is one of those days.”

Basically Jennifer is just taking her third pregnancy in stride.

“Luckily, I’m just at that … window when you’re pregnant — the magic second trimester — where you feel you’re done being nauseous,” the expectant star says. “Right now, I forget that it’s there except that I can’t have wine at the end of the night.”

Above all the happiest moment she has, she delighted with the positive responses of her film premiere.

“I was so pleased — pleased doesn’t begin to describe — relieved, grateful, surprised, shocked when we got the first big laugh,” she says. And unlike her character, “I’m not that competitive — unless it’s at Scrabble.”

Enjoy the photos of Jennifer Garner on oversized sweater, jeans and glasses at LAX after arriving to Los Angeles.

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