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Successful Dad and Unsuccessful Dad

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Are you Successful Dad or Unsuccesful Dad?

Are you Successful Dad or Unsuccessful Dad?

Everyone can be a Dad, but not everyone can be the real Dad. I was remembered about my Dad, how he taught me about many things and be the living sample for me in many things either. Parenting could goes wrong for uneducated Dad. What is the difference in successful Dad and unsuccessful Dad?

“My child, be smart at schools. So that later you can entered top schools, and then later you will be smart in earning money by getting a big salary and your life will be happier in the future “. Guess who was a successful father or unsuccessful father? Compare with this father’s advice, “Child, if you want to go to school, choose a school that makes your heart happy, which teaches the knowledge and skills you need to become the best in your dream profession.

“Top schools that make you become a world star.”
Or a “School that does not force you to memorize the information you need, as well as tasks and homework are clearly not related to your dream profession later.” Which one is the advice from Successful Dad and Unsuccessful Dad?

A success or failure in the journey of child’s life, could be valuable lessons for the child.  In the successful dad’s story, they did not make the child so conceited. Children grows their confidence and have a strong desire to exceed their father.

The story of unsuccessful dad, their children invited to accept failure. Unsuccessful dad’s life was full obsession. Unfortunately, the obsession of the past that is not achieved inflicted on the child. As if the children are his hope for all his unachieved obsessions.

It shown that Unsuccessful dad could not manage his own appetence then his children will be the victim. Note what the unsuccessful dad said to his children, “You got to school X so you can be the X,  got Y positions, have much money as Z”. For Unsuccessful Dad, there is no room for discussion with the child. When the words ‘I said so’ came out, the story is over. Children could not refuse. This top-down policy make the children can not brainstorm with their daddy and share their hope and dreams to their dad.

Unsuccessful Dad will not understand that his child was not himself, and He will not aware that every child have their unique potential. There’s possibility as the father like physics lesson, and his child like the opposite lesson. Do not wonder if the father was a successful businessman but his child totally bankrupt in business. We’re not talking about derivative talent, we are discussing about commitment for the father to make the way for the good future of their child.

Successful Dad knows how to love his child. He will not force his will and give the children a discussion to determine what is the best for his child’s life in the future. Successful Dad knew better than Unsuccessful Dad, when his child must attend to school X, Successful Dad invite his  children to discuss the option, so his child can realize the consequences. Later, the child will not blame the father and live a happy life in school. This is not only about choosing a school, it can be other great things in the child’s life, such as what the profession of their choice in the future, the criteria for an ideal mate for their life, and many more. Successful Dad is ready to accompany and guide the decision-making process with the child.

Unsuccessful Dad also know how to love his child, only base by his past life. For Unsuccessful Dad in choosing school for his child, definitely will use external considerations regarding the status of the school was heralded by many people. Unsuccessful Dad will select a superior school, favorite school, school champion, whatever the name of the school, if the child is not comfortable and not wholeheartedly to become part of his father’s school choice, then what for? Who exactly is going to school, the father or the child? For Unsuccessful Dad, what another person said is much more credible than his child conscience. Behavior of Unsuccessful Dad are intervene the child future goals, take unilateral policies, and not capable of portraying himself as an example.

Successful Dad never felt successful. He knew he had to seriously educate himself in order to be exemplary. Work for living for his family, and flavored  by corruption work, that’s everyday Successful Dad would be.

When he be busy at the job , Successful Father understood that the work could be done for life, but accompany children during childhood-only once in a lifetime. Time can not be played back.

Succeed or fail are part in the drama of life. Every father should be interpreted success and fail in depth.

Every father should continue to improve himself, educate himself in order to have self-improvement in life. Let’s be smart in sensing the feeling what children feel. Let be good in parenting for our child.

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