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The Important Life Skills for Child to Learn

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How important life skills for your children to learn? One friend of our Bible study group once told us about one of the children of their friend went school in abroad. One time this friend visited their children. They very surprised to see the messy house and dirty laundry were piling up. When they asked their son the reason of  the house in a mess? Their son calmly replied, that he did not know how to wash clothes.

After the story told, we knew how important the life skills are. Again I realized that my children have not been taught about washing clothes or how to cook a simple food, and my consideration at that time is because they were still in young age and also in order not to bother when I was doing the job, so that it can be done quickly.

Sometimes parents spoil their child with excessive manner. We as parents tend to served well for our child, with no intention to spoil their child,  but with intention of the concern of their study.

For parents who still to do so, it would be better to instill things that children need to know about life skills.

1. Cooking

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As parents, we can ask the children to help in the kitchen, even though they are very young age. Teach also etiquette at the dinner table that polite and healthy, because it is gonna be useful for them.

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