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Vin Diesel was in Delivery Room

6 April 2009 199,112 views 6 Comments

This actor, Vin Diesel is thankful he ignored his “Fast and Furious” co-star Paul Walker‘s advice about avoiding the delivery room when his girlfriend went into labor — because witnessing his child’s birth was “priceless.”

Diesel and his model girlfriend Paloma Jimenez welcomed a daughter exactly one year ago on Thursday, and the action man was on hand to assist in the child’s birth.

But Diesel reveals he only stepped into the delivery room after choosing to defy Walker’s tips, and he’s overjoyed he did.

He says, “I didn’t tell anybody (about the birth). I didn’t want cameras around us I wanted it to be as natural as possible. The only person I told was Paul Walker. And I said to Paul, ‘Should I be in the delivery room?’ and he says, ‘You know, don’t do it, you can’t stomach it.(But) it’s the best thing you’ll ever do in your life”.

And with that confidence, I marched into the delivery room and did everything but literally pull her out. I cut the umbilical cord. I was more present than I could’ve ever dreamed of (being) but the bonding that that allowed for with my daughter is priceless.”

Hania is Vin’s daughter with girlfriend Paloma Jimenez. The new Fast & Furious is now in theaters.

Not every man has a courage to stand beside they love one to accompany at delivery room, whereas they don’t give a birth. Good boyfriend, aren’t you Vin ?



  • greg said:

    nice article. you have one mistake though, PAUL WALKER was the one who adviced Vin to be there at the delivery room. get your facts right next time pal.

  • admin (author) said:

    Paul Walker did tell Vin to go to delivery room. I report correctly, thanks for your comment

  • Dree said:

    What idiot man would not want to be in the delivery room when their woman is pushing out their kid!?!? How selfish to even ask such a stupid question. That’s the LEAST he can do?

  • josefin said:

    no se peleen por favor no somos quien para juzgar, lo importante es estar presente alli y en todo momento

  • josefin said:

    Creo que lo mas importante es estar en el momento preciso

  • yisney said:

    hola vin. te felicito apenas me entero que tienes una bebe . pues LOS hijos son una bendicion de DIOS que bueno y fuera de eso los hijos nos ensenan a ser cada dia mas maduros y a ver la vida diferente bueno DIOS me lo bendiga igual atu familia.. tqm