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Rachel Weisz and Son are Seasoned Travellers

24 May 2009 8,634 views No Comment

Rachel Weisz, an English Actress, and a mother of Henry Chance Aronofsky, 3, take her son around the globe to film movies.

The winning Oscar mom says that making “The Brothers Bloom” wasn’t just a film experience for her.It was also a major life moment.

“We filmed in Prague and Romania like a traveling circus moving from country to country,” Weisz says. “My son was with me and he was tiny. Just nine months. One day we woke up and he decided to learn to walk in Belgrade.”

“He’s a seasoned travelers now with international memories in his baby book,” Weisz says with a laugh.

How is it to roam Europe with someone entering his terrible twos? “It was definitely ambitious,” Weisz says. “But you know what? My baby is a seasoned traveler now. Anyway, I think kids are fine as long as their moms or dads are there.”

Weisz is engaged to American film-maker Darren Aronofsky, dad of Henry. The couple reside in the East Village in Manhattan.

In her movie “The Brothers Bloom,” now in its opening weekend, stars Adrien Brody and Mark Ruffalo as the best con men in the world. They swindle millionaires with complex scenarios. Now they have one last job, which is showing a beautiful and eccentric heiress love, romance and adventure … for a price.

Weisz plays poor little rich girl Penelope, who has been raised in an isolated way, meets the Brothers Bloom and falls in love.


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