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Fernando Torres and Wife Welcome Their First Child

11 July 2009 198,238 views One Comment

Fernando Torres and wife Olalla Dominguez, 23, welcome a baby girl, named Nora Torres Dominguez on July 8th.
striker, Torres, 25, was at Olalla’s side in Santiago de Compostela, North West Spain, for the birth of 8lb 4oz Nora at the Hospital La Rosaleda Compostelan.
Fernando Torres is on astronomical wages  since  teenager, which might go some way to explaining their down to earth styles.

Congratulation for the baby girl, welcome to parenthood.

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  • yvonne tovar said:

    They just make the fun out of me, but I DO KNOW! I KNOW FERNANDO TORRES IS THE BEST GUY YOU CAN FIND IN THIS WORLD! I DO BELIEVE THAT!!! I don’t like picture number 13, Olalla looks so angry there :$ I’ve actually got the impression of Olalla that she doesn’t like when people look at her and Fernando or for example begging for an autograph She’s a bitch. She does not deserve to be with him and I recently read in the newspaper that Fernando is only with her because of her daughter and he loves another girl who’s his best friend and what do you expect from Olalla to be she not them type of slag wags who appear in magazine shoots topless because she is so boring and taste less she is like a nun so conservative and distasteful and There wasn’t a hair extension, and Neither was there a scrap of make-up or a designer dress or a pair of backbreaking designer heels as Olalla left the hospital only wearing a very boring white dress and I don’t like her down-to-earth styles. She is so unappetizing I wonder what the hell do he sees on her and I don’t understand why her face never looks happy if she’s with the hottest guy in the whole world!! I wonder why his baby Mama doesn’t look happy. Because she hates cameras! She is really a bitch and a witch who trapped him A way you can’t imagine: she got pregnant in purpose so he wouldn’t leave her ass alone and so that way she could have many privileges and many excuses not to make him unhappy and that way everyone could think she’s a good person and she seems very selfish well at least you could help him with charities looks at him smiling (cute) and her miserable (again)…. well if I was her id be smiling like MAD!! Who else has noticed that every time they are spotted shopping he is always carrying the shopping bags (they are probably his)- but when they were in Liverpool city centre they had loads of next bags and he was carrying like 5 and she was carrying 1!!!!! And I find Olalla completely unimpressive totally agree with Erin, but why does she always look so long faced and miserable!! I mean if you were walking around the city of Madrid holding hands so tightly with this gorgeous guy who is so loving and kind and shopping too!!! Well I think I’d be smiling!! And try to be happy with him he is very nice what’s wrong wearing extensions? I’m wearing extensions and I think it’s not so bad huh? I want to be in style not be so natural and BOOORING she should give him a little hand help him with raising money for kids who have cancer well look LIVERPOOL FC stars took time out from training for their Boxing Day clash with Wolves to visit poorly children in Alder Hey. Fernando Torres and helped spread festive cheer to kids who face spending Christmas in hospital. They handed out gifts of toys and books and signed autographs for their young fans and he visited new mum and dad whose three-week old baby Angel Walsh was born premature. Philipp Ryan Babel and Peter also toured the wards. She is selfish she shouldn’t deserve to be with him she only thinks about spending money on material stuff like clothes, shoes, bags, boots and stuff for the house and that’s not fair! And you get them pregnant and they get all clingy and this is Marriage of convenience and I wish I could claw the her eyes out when I go see him and her at Anfield and just hope there’s not a loud chorus from The Kop next season of “The baby’s not his, you slapper bitch, the baby’s not his”) Why does he has eyes for her if she doesn’t deserve to be with him because the way she is being acting lately