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Peter Facinelli Talks About His Parenting Style

24 July 2009 26,054 views No Comment

Being a father of Luca Bella, 12, Lola Ray, 6 ½, and Fiona Eve, 2 ½, Peter Facinelli still feels old, whenever he sees his daughters growing up everyday, but he is trying to keep the young spirit everyday, because having three kids makes him go through youth again, in a way. He said to Babble,

“You experience it again through them — like my daughter (Luca Bella) is playing soccer, and to be her coach I had to learn soccer. I read books on it, did clinics.”

Surrounded by three little angels makes him destined to be since he also grew up with three sisters. “I’m really completely happy with a family of five, the Facinelli five. My wife wants a boy, but it doesn’t really matter to me. Who knows? We’re both young enough to have more.”

Married to actress Jennie Garth, the Twilight star, still brings his youth Italian style modificated to American style. “I think what I took from my youth, from our household, is an appreciation for really good food. And I’ve definitely instilled that in my family. Dinnertime is a really important time for our family. And we do have loud conversations — we’re always talking over each other.  So now I started this new thing: I got this little wooden star, and I call it “the talking star.” We all take turns holding the talking star so everybody’s not talking at once. It’s funny, if you talk out of order now my two-year-old gets mad, like, “You don’t have the talking star!”

There’s no different in parenting style, he thinks every parents want the best for their children. Some parents belt their child when the child broke the rules, but today time out will be more healthier.
Now we have time out — you go in the room, you sit and you think. Which I think is a little healthier.”

Good parent is something that every arent wanted to be, no matter what is the profession of the parents, the most important is alance the time between work and family. But he admits that being a celebrity parents is harder, “Being a celebrity parent I definitely shelter my kids more than other parents do, though. It’s hard sometimes — you go to events and sometimes there are kids there and they’re surrounded with glamour. But my kids aren’t starstruck. And there are perks to being an actor parent, like my daughter getting to be around Twilight, which was something she had read and loved.”

Looking up his parents in parenting, is the best inspiration of all.
They’ve been together their whole marriage, and they raised a great family; my sisters and I are very close. So it would be hard for me to look at a celebrity as a role model for parenting when I have them in my own back yard.”

According to Peter, the family of five has also been known to host impromptu dance parties! A former contestant on Dancing With the Stars, Jennie has passed on her love of dancing to her daughters. “Sometimes we put on the radio and we all dance together in the living room,” says Peter. “Can I dance like her partner [Derek Hough] on Dancing With the Stars? Maybe. I probably wouldn’t look as good in the tight pants, though.”

Talking about his parenting rules, that related to watching the TV, he let her eldest daughter, Luca, to watch the Twilight since she is fan of it,
“My daughter is an avid reader. And I’ve had wonderful experiences bonding over reading — my sister and her daughter bonded over Twilight. The book and the movie actually made my family closer. When you think about a vampire movie closing the generation gap, that’s pretty incredible. I’m pretty strict with what the kids watch overall, though.”

Yup, there are limits for everyone, especially children these days are easy to be influenced from TV, that’s why parental website needed.
“If there’s a movie they want to watch and it’s PG-13, I go online to this parental website where you can see why it’s rated PG-13. Like it’ll say, “Fifteen minutes in, a guy looks inappropriately at a woman’s butt,” blah blah blah. That way I don’t have to sit there and watch the whole movie first.”

He is really the best dad ever, he is so much concern about his children and involved more to what they interest in and watching.

“It’s different for each age — I watch Dora and Blue’s Clues with my two-year-old, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody with my six-year-old old, and my twelve-year-old is still on Hannah Montana. I was actually really enjoying Zack & Cody yesterday — it was a Halloween episode. I think the janitor guy was dressed up like Frankenstein. I thought that actor, the janitor guy, was really funny.”

He is the type of dad who wants get into doing guest spots on kids shows, “I would totally do Sesame Street. My wife just did it. It shoots on the same lot as Nurse Jackie. And I was so fascinated to go down and see the shoot.”

I would like to say two thumbs for you, no doubt he’s family man.

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