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Padma Lakshmi and Her Pregnancy

14 October 2009 4,753 views No Comment

“Top Chef” hostess Padma Lakshmi is a cookbook author, actress, model and a mom-to-be soon. After her battle with endometriosis, which she had undergone for two surgeries for endometriosis, she finally gets pregnant and the baby on the way due in late March or early April.

Padma Lakshmi is ready to share her happy news to the world on Lives with Regis and Kelly! Dressed in a gorgeous lavender dress with white knee-high boots. She touched her stomach, smiled and told Kelly Ripa and guest host Anderson Cooper,

“It was a little touch and go, but everything is fabulous,” she says. “Now that I’ve told everyone, I think my body has relaxed and my stomach has just said, ‘Alright!’ I wasn’t really showing that much and the last four days I’ve just got this little Buddha belly.”

The pregnancy is not too much trouble for Lakshmi, she counts herself on this “miracle pregnancy” as lucky since she has no suffered from morning sickness, this might “because I’m not 20 and I was worried what would happen.”

“I was already eating for two,” joked the stunning star on her appetite, she’s now craving for avocado and the occasional “beef steak tomatoes for breakfast with the eggs,” the Top Chef host, 39, “I’ve had no food allergies before, I don’t have them now, I don’t eat sushi so much, but there are a lot of things in sushi that people don’t realize…you can still go eat sushi, you just have crab or other things. Ask your doctor because every pregnancy is different.”

Keep silent about her baby’s father, instead of she said that it’s not her frequent companion Manu Nathan, who she says is “a cousin and dear friend.” Raised by her mother only, Vijaya, she has a strong example as single mother, and she would facing the motherhood by her own. Mendelsohn, the chef and owner of Washington D.C.’s Good Stuff Eatery says,
“If she happens to be a single mother, she is definitely one of the women capable of doing that without a problem,” he says. “She’s well traveled, she’s seen the world, she’s embraced different cultures, and she’s really into food and cooking. She’s going to nurture her child in those ways.”

Another endorsement comes from Nikki Cascone, fellow contestant, “I’m sure that baby will be well fed, and well loved!”

She is a grown up woman, and has been expecting the baby for a long time, I think she knows what to do, and has prepared everything that she’s thought will be facing on the pregnancy and motherhood. And I am sure also, the people surround her who’s love her, must be ready for help her.


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