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Carrie Bradshaw and Her Pearl

15 October 2009 6,405 views No Comment

Carrie Bradshaw is a lady with taste of fashion indeed. Watch her look from the way she combines all the apparel, handbags, shoes and jewelry make her as a Fashion Queen. Admires her more after watching the Sex and the City movie last night and notice the beautiful pearl Carrie’s wore on the movie.

I don’t like pearl until I saw Carrie wears while announcing the engagement with Mr.Big and while she  has the intimate moment with her fiancee. The pearls looks so elegance on her neck especially while she twirls the strand, the color glances softly.

I am trying to search and found the pearls she wore on the movie is from the collection of Mikimoto Pearls, the one she wears is the 8.5mm Akoya cultured pearl necklace, 32 inches long in finished off with the brand’s signature clasp in 18K gold and for retails for $11,900. Wow, price really do not lie.

Not only on Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker, wears pearl occasionally. So mom, don’t be afraid to steal the looks.

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