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Bethenny Frankel Enjoys Her Freedom

25 May 2010 2,690 views No Comment


I amazed with many celebrity moms that actually can achieve back the post pregnancy curves. One of them is Bethenny Frankel who gave a birth to her daughter, Bryn Hoppy, about 2 weeks ago.

Just like celebrate her freedom from carrying, the 39 years old actress was seen with her husband, Jason Hoppy and her cute dog, Cookie, strolled through SoHo two days ago then alone to Meatpacking yesterday afternoon (May 24).

“I’m wearing normal shoes more swollen pregnancy feet!?! Woohoo!” She was tweeting during the freedom days.

Gave a birth a month ealier to schedule, finally the Real Housewives of New York City star opens her motherhood feeling on chef’s life through tweeter.

“When I swaddle Bryn aka chickpea, I call it “burritoing” her. everything is about food. She looks like a tiny spring roll”

She’s been emotional and traumatic through the nursing process, such breast feeding for the first time. I think every mom for the first time always hard to breastfeeding the baby, the key is not to worry or sad about this, and never give up to try again and again, also find the best support from family and friends. Because  breastfeeding is the best for your baby.

Keep the happy spirit…

Enjoy photos of Bethenny Frankel on her freedom

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