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Samantha Harris and Her Tiny Bumps

30 August 2010 2,232 views No Comment
Angela Weiss/WireImage

Angela Weiss/WireImage

Look at that tiny bump as the sign of her beginnings pregnancy (four months). Yup, it’s a happy news from Samantha Harris, about the pregnancy she has. Correspondent of Entertainment Tonight shows her second pregnancy’s bump with her husband Michael Hess at Kari Feintein Primetime Emmy Awards Style Lounge in Beverly Hills, California.

The former co-host Dancing with the Stars announced her pregnancy last August 17th, to People she shared her longing for hold and cuddle baby.

“Being able to hold and cuddle and have a little baby cuddle against you and fall asleep is such a fleeting moment in time, and I really can’t wait for that again,”

Pretty exciting with her second child, a 36 years old hostess also gets exciting about her first daughter Josselyn Sydney, who turns 3 in September, to welcoming her new sibling coming soon.

“I’m most excited to have a second child to play with Josselyn, to see how Josselyn blossoms as a young girl being able to teach a sibling all that she knows,” says Harris. “She’s so excited. She tells me every day the different things she’s gonna teach the new baby.”


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