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David Beckham is A Super Dad

21 July 2011 1,448 views No Comment


Handsome, loving dad, underwear model, sport star and can cook also? Wow ,another Superdad.

On his Facebook page, he wrote and posted his action made a home-made Risotto for the family.

He said to the Daily Mail, “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve always loved cooking. Now I’m in Italy, I want to learn how to make amazing pasta.

“It’s gone from a small ambition of wanting to learn how to make pasta to the extreme of doing this course professional chefs do. It’s something I’m passionate about.”

David who is best friend with a world famous chef, Gordon Ramsay, could ask him if he ever needed to, he said, “I’d love to cook for Gordon and I definitely will one day.”

David took a cooking lessons when he was living in Italy and his expertise is useful when Beckham and Ramsay open their pie and mash shop together.

They registered their PM (Pie and Mash) Restaurant DBGR (their intial name) and specialising in English food in London and Los Angeles.

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