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Jessica Simpson’s Style and Her Joy

9 November 2011 2,212 views No Comment


Her confirmation about the pregnancy, make Jessica Simpson appears to many interviews and lively discussion. And suddenly wife-to-be of Eric Johnson became a “big mouth” about her pregnancy experience.

No doubt, is good to know the news about her, she is beautiful and her late pregnancy confirmation make us want to know more about her.

She already loves being pregnant and wants lots of kids on her first mom-to-be to E!News she told, “Pregnancy is meant for me. I could be pregnant forever. I love it. I love the connection that I have with my body. I want a lot of kids.”

“I can’t wait to meet my baby. I can’t wait to be a mommy,” said Simpson. “I grew up in such a great family, so I’m just hoping to give my kid everything that I grew up with.”

And her desire to shop for the baby seems unbearable, even she has yet to find out her child’s gender, she definitely will soon.

“I want to buy the clothes, I want to do the nursery,” she said with a smile. “So, when I know, everyone will know, because I have a big mouth.”

Happiness indeed envelop her and the hormone has a strong influence on Simpson, so she has a silly sense of humor.

“I feel there’s no reason, when you’re pregnant, to be shy about anything. I would normally blame gas on the dog. Now, I take full credit.”

Check out about her style above while she was tweeting her picture in a hot purple Roberto Cavalli dress.

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