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David Beckham Between Tattoos and Fall of Grace

25 March 2013 1,814 views No Comment

Last Wednesday, March 20, David Beckham shared the article link on dailymail about he’s being welcome like hero in Beijing, China.

He has been named as China’s first global football ambassador. After a rousing welcome by plethora of eager fans and photographers the father of four children, made his way to Shija Hutong Primary School, where he addressed the media about his involvement with the Chinese Super League.

The 37-years-old continued his Far East tour as part of his five day ambassadorial to China. On march 23, the British midfielder visiting the Wuhan Zall Football in Wuhan.

Wearing a grey suit and black shoes, Beckham demonstrates his famous free kicking in front of starstruck players from Wuhan Zall club. But all went wrong when he lost his balance and fall with grace.

He slipped over and landed on his Beck-side. Perhaps the Paris St Germain midfielder should have worn a pair of his customized football boots than his fancy shoes.

The former England captain said to promote football in China over a long period of time and make it one of the most popular leagues in the worlds.

“It is something that we are very passionate about changing the mentality of the league and bringing youngsters through and making this league as popular as some of the big leagues in the world.”

“I’ve always been a fan of Chinese football because I think the players are very talented and they are very passionate.”

“When you see the excitement throughout this country when the team has done well you see how important it is to people. I am excited to make a difference.”

The embarrassing moment of ‘Fall with Grace’ did not stop him to impress the students at Peking University on Sunday. David happily show off his tattoo in Chinese characters and reads : “Life and death are determined by fate, rank and riches decreed by Heaven.”

David gave a short talk to students and he was invited to play a traditional Chinese instrument.

Those pieces of stories of Charming David Beckham in China.

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