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Heidi Klum and Bribe in Parenting

16 April 2013 2,183 views No Comment

Bribery have been much discussed in parenting, especially about the impact of good or bad to children. Bribe usually chosen because it is the fastest way out for parents who pressed for time. As Heidi Klum, a model and mother to four children, Leni, 8 year-s-old, Henry, 7 years-old, Johan, 6 years-old, and Lou, 3 years-old does the bribery thing to her children to finish their drink, especially healthy and fresh juice.

The 39 years-old supermodel says about her resolution for 2013 to start with fresh and healthy juice, besides her preference for junk food as a variety of foods so as not to be bored.

“I’ve never really done a real diet. My New Year’s resolution for 2013 was to start every day with a fresh juice. We make an effort every morning – we peel pineapples, apples, lemons, bananas, kiwis, ginger and berries and we make delicious smoothies.”

“Some of my kids don’t love it so I decided I would pay them a dollar if they finish their drink. All of the money goes into their piggy banks, they have collected a bunch of money since January 1. What’s good for them is good for me as well.”

Bribe and chide pattern, rewards and punishment pattern are not the best option. By being a model of good behavior to your children is the best option according to Thomas Gordon, PhD who founded one of the first skill-based training programs for parents in 1962.

Back to the blonde mom, Heidi Klum, says in interview with OK! when she is the new face of fast food restaurant Carls Jr, about her passion in food.

“I love a good hamburger and French fries with mayonnaise and ketchup. That’s definitely one of my splurges. And chocolate with hazelnuts.”

I guess it’s all about the job.

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