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Jeff Goldblum about Father and Son Moment

21 July 2016 399 views No Comment

This Independence Day: Resurgence star, Jeff Goldblum loves fatherhood as he loves ocean, The 63-yearsold actor attended to Oceana at a Sting concert that held private in the Hollywood Hills on Tuesday night with wife, Emilie Livingston.

Father of a son, Charlie Ocean, 4-years-old, just can not get that small cute son out of his mind. And the doting daddy tells People about all his son daily routines and his development.

“We would have given him his bath at around 6:20 p.m. ordinarily, and right now he’d be getting his last bottle and he’d hear a story. He’s about to go to sleep right about now,” explain the actor.

Livingston continues, “We’re lucky, he’s a really good sleeper. I put him down at 7:15 p.m. and he falls asleep around 7:30 p.m. or 7:40 p.m. So we watch some TV.”

The couple then spend the whole night just like the romantic date that not every parents has.

It is not as easy as it sound, all about the process to figure out Charlie’s sleep pattern.

“I found that in the beginning he slept more,” she confesses.

“He was taking longer [naps]. Now he’s taking less naps. So it’s always an evolving process. It’s not like, ‘Ah-ha! Here’s the trick.’ ”

The family looks like pretty enjoy the family time in the water.

“We go to the pool every day,” adds Livingston. “He wanted to go back and forth, he was liking reaching for Daddy.”

And the proud Daddy adds, “Oh, he was great in the pool today.”

Several months ago, Jeff Goldblum share a picture of him and Charlie during the bath time. As it is a father and son moment, Goldblum pretty much enjoy the activity.

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“We get in the bathtub every night, the three of us, and we give him a bath,” Goldblum says. “So cute.”

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