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Kangana Ranaut Shares Her Thought About Money and Investment

25 July 2016 400 views No Comment

Unlike most young, famous and successful woman, Kangana Ranaut aware about her finances. In interview with Economic Times, the actress speaks upfront about her financial.

The Queen’s star said, “When I started working, I was just 17. I had access to money and there were people around me who used to do drugs, become shopaholics or just some other kind of addict. To my credit, I chose a healthy path. In this short span, I’ve not only bought a house for myself, but supported my family a lot.”

She continues, “It’s just been two-three years since I started making serious money. But even before that, I was stubborn and wouldn’t do item songs or dance at weddings, no matter how much money they were willing to offer.”

Given the opportunity to dealing with money in such young age, Kangana Ranaut apparently has not handling it right. Shopping and expensive product soon filled her closet…

“I love making and spending money, but keeping track of it? That (sister) Rangoli does. Meeting CAs, filing my taxes, keeping track of my bonds and transactions — that makes me very sad. I feel people from that world behave like machines. In the banking world, it’s all about digits. I don’t understand that. In our world, interactions are more intuitive and vibe-oriented (laughs).”

Beside love making money and spending the money, the winner of  Filmfare Critics Award doesn’t the part of the money about taxes and everything that related to number such as the banking world, but she trust to the expert of financial advisor.

The highest paid actress in India, shares her first investment was a house, even when she asked where she would invest most; gold, land or stocks.

The 30-years-old actress explained, “Land because I’m essentially a farmer (Ranaut’s family owns land in Himachal Pradesh). Gold, then, because I love antique jewellery.And stocks the least because I know nothing about them.”

Live within a budget is common for Kangana Ranaut,
“I do live within a budget. It’s because of my upbringing,” said Ranault,  “I’m very resourceful, even though I come across as this person with lots of clothes and bags. But I clean my own bags and keep my fancy shoes wrapped in my beautiful closet where I have a whole wall dedicated to just shoes.”

Money can buy anything even happiness for Ranaut, “Well, maybe short-lived happiness. I mean, let’s talk about MiuMiu and Prada (laughs).”

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