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How to Teach Baby to Talk

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I think there are two things that have always been waiting for at the time to be a parent, the first words and first steps from our baby. In the early stages of child development, I included as a mother filled of worries, especially when my baby was late in her stages of development. And the development stages of language is one of my concerns at that time. And to prove that my worries was useless, I thought about How to teach baby to talk. I did a lot of teaching my baby to talk by giving a lot of stimulation to the child.

Experts suggest that parents both father and mother can provide stimulation in communication with the child. More frequent stimulation is done, the sooner the ability to talk of the baby.

I share a few tips about how to teach baby to talk, which can be done easily by Daddy and Mommy, as well as those closest to the baby, such grandparent, babysitter, etc.

1. Talk

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In some condition both parents, have to work and after work, they usually feel tired to talk a lot to each other or children. But for goodness of the baby, change all those silent and start talking and telling stories to teach baby to talk.

If Toddlers ask for the ball and say “Ball”, say more about the ball, example, "This ball, red and big round ball.” You can bounce the ball while imitating his voice, "... boing, boing …”

This is called the expansion of language, by developing a single word spoken by the baby. This is the most important aspects of language facilitation.

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