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Candace Cameron Bure about Her Daughter Runway Debut: “I was Super Proud of Her.”

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She is a proud mama! Watched her daughter hit the catwalk, Candace Cameron Bure dished all about it. The Fuller House star so proud of her 18-years-old daughter made on her New York Fashion Week debut during runway show of Sherri Hill who gave Jenner sisters, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner, their runway debuts.

Candace Cameron so excited and nervous for Natasha Bure, her daughter, “I’m so excited for her. She is not nervous at all, which is great…She’s just confidence. I wish I felt like she does when I was 18-years-old.”

#ProudMama watching @natashabure walk in the @sherrihill show last night. My heart swells watching my kids make their dreams come true ????????

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Candace, the co-host the View trust her style to her daughter. Cameron knew her daughter talent for style.

“I do ask Natasha, because she has a great eye for fashion. So if I’m choosing between shoes or jewelry or a belt, an accessory, I always go with whatever she tells me looks best — and vice versa too!”

The Dancing with Star alum shares her best style secret to us, “Throw the rules out the door! I think you should find what you feel comfortable in, no matter what kind of mood, whether it’s casual or going out or business attire. Do what makes you feel good.”

The confidence comes from many practice, according to Natasha Bure herself to eonline,

“I’ve been practicing since I was five years old. Literally, I’m not even kidding you, people have asked me, ‘Oh wow, do you have your walk down?’ And I’m like, people don’t understand when I was five years old I was in my room going up and down the carpet hallway,” she confessed. “I’ve always wanted to walk in a fashion show.”

Natasha told People about Gigi Hadid advised for her first runway, Gigi said just walk like you are walking on the street.

“So that’s just something I’ve kept in the back of my head but otherwise I really haven’t asked for much advice, just because I feel like if I overthink it, I will just go crazy.”

“My mom has never been to a fashion week or anything, so this is kind of her first experience too,” Natasha added. “My dad flew in this morning… I’m so excited that they’re going to be here to support me.”

And walk on runway is not the only debut she has. Natasha also the aspiring singer auditioned for The Voices this season.

Natasha Bure talks about her audition that will be aired September 19, the multi-talented Bure daughter opined, “Things just fell into place at the right time.”

She continues, ”Performing on The View was kind of like my big debut, and I auditioned for The Voice, and I’m very excited for people to see what happens and tune in.”

So proud of this one @natashabure . Great job walking for @sherrihill ! Papa flew in just for the event and loves his little girl. ????#ProudMama #NYFashionWeek

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Valeri Bure, Cameron Candace’s husband also proud of his daughter, ”I’m extremely proud of her. We’ve always told you to just work hard,” the wise dad advised, “Put in the work and things will come your way. But that’s the number one priority, to be gracious, be kind and put in the work.”

“I was super proud of her, and I’m looking forward to watching the show air, so we can talk about it more,” Candice Cameron added.

Natasha and her mom, Candice Cameron recently announced an eco friendly jewelry collaboration with 31 Bits.

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