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Gerard Butler About His Future Children and His Love to The Nature

21 October 2017 94 views No Comment

In Geostorm, Gerard Butler new action film, he plays as a scientist who is fighting to save the world from storms for the safe of his young daughter.

The Scottish actor who was just close to losing his life in serious motorcycle crash, in fact does not have any children of his own. Perhaps working on his new film gave the enlightenment of his life now and in the future.

Gerard Butler says, “In five years I want to be in relationship, I’d love to have one or two kids – it’s about time.”

It always been a hard to maintain the relationship behind BUtler’s hectic schedules, with 5 movies currently in the works. Even Gerard Butler, himself admits it, he says, “I have no personal life.”

After his previous relationship dated an interior designer, Morgan Brown, the eligible bachelor still enjoying his single life and still finding some time to date, he says, “It has been hard to get much done.” Romantic relationship do need efforts and times.

Realizing what he has wanted for the future, Butler says that he wants “to be more run by my personal life than my career.”

And enjoying the nature is what Gerard Butler does during his day off, which is “getting on a motorbike, putting a tent on the back and going to Sequoia National Park to camp and hike.”

“My stomach aches when I think about nature and adventure,” he says. “I have a place out in Malibu right now but [in five years], I want to have a place in North Carolina or somewhere that I spend more time in nature.”

For the love of the natures, this is perhaps the reason of what the 47-years-old actor, Gerard Butler, injected with the venom of 23 bee stings. Bee sting have been used as remedy, known as apitherapy, for centuries.

Butler tells, “I had heard of this guy injecting bee venom, because apparently it has many anti-inflammatory compounds. So, I’m like: ‘Come, come to New Orleans where we’re filming.’ So, he gives me a shot, and I go: ‘Oh, that’s interesting’ – because it stings.

“Then he gives me 10 shots, and then I have the worst reaction. I kind of enter this anaphylactic shock. It’s awful, creepy crawlies all over me, swelled up, heart’s going to explode. But I go through it, and then I find out he gave me 10 times too much.”

Butler was immediately taken to hospital, but admitted that four days later he decided to give the remedy another go. “I decide to do it again because, I think: ‘Maybe I just took too much.’ So, he’s on the phone, and this time I have to go to the hospital [again].”

Jeff Goldblum, a guest with Butler on BBC1’s The Graham Norton Show has his own opinion, he said “I’ve done some cockamamie things in my time but that is crazy, I think we should trust science.”

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