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The Top Celebrity Daddy

20 April 2009 4,372 views No Comment

This question, we should ask to you. Because you are the one that make decision who should be on the top daddy.

We know that Michael Jackson already out of the list. Because of the childish act he had, and all the controversial.

On what base we can say the top daddy who is celebrity? With constant media scrutiny on every parenting decision they make, celebrities who are dads definitely have it tough. And from the body language in the photos and their comments on their children. Here’s Great Dad unofficial list of top celebrity dads.

Photo source newsoftheworld
Celebrity Dad #6: David Beckham
Even Beckham’s worst detractors in the media cannot fault the handsome football champion for his parenting skills. Praised by everyone as a model dad, Beckham is also known to be a devoted father to his sons, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz. David had special daddy time with his three sons and not just his present in it, but the quality of daddy time. No wonder all his three sons actually good in england football, just like his daddy.

Celebrity Dad #5: Johnny Depp
The wild Hollywood rebel known for his eclectic (and often weird) roles is surprisingly protective and caring of his children, daughter Lily-Rose and son Jack, from girlfriend Vanessa Paradis. Choosing to raise them in the healthy French countryside, Depp even ‘wears’ their names as tattoos.Even this is not a guarantee of good father he is. But it can be the meaning that his children always on his mind.

Celebrity Dad #4: Peter Andre
Recently, more than 2000 mothers across the UK voted in a poll to vote in Andre as the father of the year. Describing himself as “over the moon”, the pop star did confess to having wanted this kind of recognition. “For the last couple of years I’ve been saying that if there’s any kind of award I could win it would be dad of the year,” he has revealed.Daddy with three kids ; Harvey Price,Junior Andre and Princess Tiaami Andre

Celebrity Dad #3: Matt Damon

The Academy Award-winning screenwriter and actor plays loving father to Alexia [step daughter], wife Luciana’s daughter from a previous marriage, and Isabella, the couple’s first child. A second daughter is Gia Avala.
He says his overprotective instincts kick into high gear, he called it Red Alert in joke. Like he said to PEOPLE ;”If any of the kids were near anything close to being dangerous, I would say, ‘Is she touching that?’ or ‘Watch out!’ And the whole family would go, ‘Red alert! Red alert!’ ”

Celebrity Dad #2: Will Smith

The acclaimed actor is a complete family man, happiest when he is with his wife and kids. The doting dad has even shared the screen with his kids: son Jaden has acted with him in The Pursuit of Happyness and daughter Willow in I Am Legend. Treyball Development Inc., the Beverly Hills-based company that Smith co-owns with his brother, is named after his first son, Trey.

Celebrity Dad #1: Brad Pitt

If there ever is an Academy Award for the best performance as a father, Pitt would be nominated, simply for his parenting style. Pitt and Jolie have three adopted children, Maddox, Zahara and Pax, as well as three biological children, Shiloh, Knox, and Vivienne. Have you hear the rumors about they’re going rough in relationship, continue arguing all the time. And then last I hear,Jolie pregnant? But there’s no confirmation from them. I guess it just gossip, hopefully they just fine. And could work things out.

Those the top daddy of celebrity in the list. They not only gorgeous, good in their job at home and work too. But there are also many top daddy in the world, I am sure of that, but just they don’t get expose. Lucky for them…

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