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Inspiring Story about Wang Deshun an 80 Years Old Model, Actor and Art Performer

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Do you know an old man name Wang Deshun? He is 80-years-old chinese actor who walked in the runway Beijing Fashion Week 2015 for designer Sheguang Hu with haute-couture designs.

At the runway, everyone there was stunned when one grey haired man comes out of and showing off his muscular physique, male model looks and confident.

He is born in 1936 in Shenyang, Northeast China’s Lioning Province. Began his career as a stage actor at the Changchun Theater, when he was 24. Then at the age 49-years-old he decided to move to Beijing and continues his passion in theater.

Wang Deshun different than any regular chinese grandfather who fond to exercise in the local park, Wang exercises in the gym and loves sport such swimming and ice skating.


“I worked out for four hours a day at the time and it took me three years to make my body look like a sculpture,” Wang said in an interview with the Yangtze Evening Post. According to him, he continues to work out at least two hours every day.

His physique and stage come from decades of work in the field art and performance.
He once said, “ People’s facial and bodily expression are project that I needed my whole life to explore.”

After his playful stride performance Wang Deshun’s Sina Weibo increased to 200,000 followers. And today this grandpa enjoy his new affection from fans. His fans describe him as “little fresh meat”, “senior youth”, “old fresh meat” and “grandpa.”

Wang Deshun once had the most difficult time when he was separated from his wife who had been married for one year during Cultural Revolution in the year 1966-1976.

“The pain of missing each other brought me to the verge of a mental breakdown,” he said. “Once I even went to the train station, knowing that there was no way she would show up, but still held on to the slim hope that I might see my wife among the passengers.”

He searched and lingered at the station for a whole day until he finally realized that he had to save himself. During their two years of separation, he tried to get involved in all kinds of hobbies. He even managed to make a television using parts that had been thrown out by factories.

“If our love hadn’t been so deep, I wouldn’t have been so pained. Therefore, love is suffering,” he said. “Subconsciously, this experience has been integrated into my works.”

Wang focus his work in pantomime as sculpture like poses. The first program he created “The Snake and the Farmer.” On September 12, 2015 at Beijing’s Modern MOMA, Wang put on a “living sculpture” performance. His whole body was painted bronze, and he performed with bronze replicas of the sculptures of Auguste Rodin (1840-1917).

The theme is the tragic love “in heaven, on earth and in hell,” exhibited in three stories: Adam and Eve, Rodin and his lover, and Paolo and Francesca from Dante’s Divine Comedy.

His dedication, his work and story were not meant for helping his to raise his grandchild, but also to help senior citizen that not able to look fit or can not continue their active career at this age.

“I am not sure if other seniors would want to live the way I do. Most people still just seek a stable, cozy life,” he said. “For thousands of years, Chinese culture has focused on stability and the Golden Mean (the Confucian doctrine that teaches people to be neither too submissive nor too aggressive). I think I might be a rebel.”

Wang Deshun latest film Winter directed by Xing Juan

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