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Jessica Biel Opens Up Her Marriage Life and Son

11 January 2017 260 views No Comment


They are a perfect celebrity couple that hit the red carpet for The Book of Love. Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, as the perfect couple, wore classy suit and elegant gown, opens up about her marriage life and their precious son.

Jessica Biel, who produced and starred in The Book of Love, shares to ET about her relationship with, her husband, Justin Timberlake,

“Honestly, we’ve had so many date nights we don’t even know what to do with ourselves anymore! We’re like, ‘All right, screw date night, this is too much!’ We just need to hang out and sit on the couch for a second.”

And as any marriage couple who support and encourage each other, Jessica Biel does it for four years of their marriage.

“I just basically boss him around all the time.” the actress joking.

“‘Do this, fix that, make that, take the garbage out, come on, get it together, wake up, don’t go to sleep, stay awake,’ I just boss him around. I hope I’m inspiring to him. I think having a partner who is doing something that you’re excited about, like for me, his music and everything that he does, it’s just amazing to see somebody doing what they love, and I think it can be as simple as that.”

Being parents is the amazing part in life and that means also more obligations. But do not let the parenthood drown all the passion and interest , because all of those passion and interest could be your way to happiness.

Jessica Biel shares her thought, after all she is a mother for 1-year-old son, Silas too.

“It’s wonderful to be parents, and it’s wonderful to give to your families and everything, but it’s also important to be a person and to be an independent human and do things that make you happy. Because if you’re not happy, your kids aren’t happy, and your husband isn’t happy, and your family isn’t happy, it’s not worth it.”

Go to what you are interested in, just like Biel and Timberlake son, Silas. As the pretty mommy and cool daddy ready to go to their sparkling red carpet, Silas interested more to his toy.

“[Before we left], he was just interested in Thomas [the Tank Engine]. He was like, ‘Ok. I’m playing trains so… you can leave me alone now,’ Biel recounted. “I was like, ‘Bye!’ And he was like, ‘Get out of here!'”

Even more, Silas love his daddy’s song, Can’t Stop the Feeling!

Biel said. “Our son is crazy about it. We love that song. We love it at home. We’ve probably been part of at least 100,000 streams!”

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