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Shah Rukh Khan and His Relax Day

25 April 2017 250 views No Comment


Those who have seen how Shah Rukh Khan spare his fatherhood moment. Shah Rukh Khan who’s is a father of three children, Aryan, 24-years-old, Suhana 17-years-old and AbRam, 4-years-old, with his wife, Gauri Chibber, has the adorable way to spend time with his children.

To his youngest son, AbRam, the father and son duo spend time with children movie, such as Doraemon, the little munchkin, who has been more outgoing than his elder siblings, really knows how to get attention and love. Different than his youngest brother, Aryan and Suhana who used to be quite media shy. The actor who shares a lovely bond with each of them said his definition of a perfect day are the moments he gets to spend with his kids.

“On a relaxed day, just spending time with kids. If I am sitting with the girl, then watching Pretty Little Liars or some chick flick.”

“If I am sitting with the son then watching Doraemon.”

“And if I am sitting with the elder son, then watching something deeper and darker from Korea, which I don’t understand but my son does.”

“So watching pictures with them, having potato chips and colas, being in shorts and completely untidy in bed. I think that’s kind of a perfect day,” he said.

Learn from the life from the role he plays, Shah Rukh Khan says wisely, “Not creaking chairs for sure. If you love someone, you must tell them and not keep it to yourself.”

His role as Dr Jehangir Khan, Samundar Se Kabaddi, in 2016 is the part that would he impart to his children.

”I like the concept of Samundar Se Kabaddi. It’s not a winning flight rather it would discontinue without any end. But just being able to enjoy a sense of competition, in any aspect, be it in sports or real life is special.”

“You are trying to hold onto something knowing well enough that it couldn’t be held on to. But you don’t give up. You enjoy the game. It’s a concept I believe in; that you play to win but more than that, it’s important that you enjoy the game.”

“Because both losing and winning are going to happen in games and in life. And you have to accept that. It’s about just enjoying the game of life so Samundar Se Kabaddi stands for all of that,” said the Dear Zindagi actor.

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