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Kate Upton and Her Wedding List

1 May 2017 175 views No Comment

The day of her wedding come to close but Kate Upton has not settled on a dress yet. Beautiful 24-years-old model is busy planning her wedding with Detroit Tigers pitcher, Justin Verlander, who proposed her last year.

Any kind of wedding dress, I am sure the dress will be sexy.
“I like it all, so maybe [I’ll have] multiple dresses. Maybe a nice long sleeve, and then also the big tulle one. I think that I always like to add a little flair of sexuality to any outfit I’m wearing.”

Sexy and showing her skin a lot will not offending her family member, even her grandparents have seen her swimwear issue of Sports Illustrated magazine and on the cover of magazine three times. She adds, “My grandparents get Sports Illustrated…they’ve seen it.”

The sexy wife to-be, Kate Upton, can not hide her proud of her husband, Justin Verlander, for his amazing collaboration job with jeweler Anita Ko on the one and only her engagement ring.

“He did amazing. He knew that I would be wearing it every single day, so he did all of this research behind the ring, and he almost had like a mood board set out that he was looking at and what he thought I would like.

“He did [ask my parents], but he doesn’t trust my parents with secrets because they told me once what he was getting me for my birthday, so he only told them two days before he asked me. They kept it quiet.”

Kate Upton and her 34-years-old baseball star fiancé even though they keep their wedding date in secret, they willing to revealed about their “destination wedding” because they rarely get to go on vacation due to their hectic schedules.

“There’s definitely going to be tequila and good food at the wedding,” Upton said. “I guess [I’m having] a big bridal party. My sisters are co-maid of honors.”

“We’re planning towards a destination wedding,” she continued. “We don’t really get the opportunity to go on a lot of vacations together because of how long baseball season is, and how busy we both are, so I think that what we want for our wedding [is to] have all of our closest friends and families go on an extended vacation together.”

Back to the wedding dress, perhaps it is not just sexy and showing her skin much, but also will make Justin Verlander tear up as she walks down the aisle.

“I hope he cries during the wedding day,” she admitted. “I think it’s going to come.”

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