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Dealing Misbehaving Child in Public

20 January 2016 545 views No Comment

All parents know that dealing with misbehaving child at home is difficult, moreover dealing with misbehaving child in public. No matter you are a famous people, a royal family or rich people, if you have child then you will dealing with misbehaving child, and world with notice that.

TheSun once wrote about celebrity kids tantrum, even Prince George, the third in line to the throne had a minor misbehaving at his younger sister Princess Charlotte’s christening.

You see, when misbehaving child action in public’s eye, we feel the combined effects of frustration and damaged pride.  We have to stop what we’re doing to deal with the behavior while we and our children are left open to judgement by on-lookers.

Parents feel pressured to win the battle in public when have misbehaving child. Some parents turn to be permissive or authoritarian when they have an audience.  This type of parent will let their child get away with anything in order to avoid conflict in front of others. And  some parents who are overly harsh to their children if others are watching.

Tips for Dealing with Misbehaving Child in Public

We want to avoid the embarrassment that comes with disciplining children in public places.  Sometimes we lose our values in the fear.  Here are some things I’ve learned about parenting in public:

  1. Those people staring at you are just staring and feeling sorry for you or your child (that depends to your action).
    Most of us have been there, we feel that curiosity, parents’ love and embarrassment in the same way that every parents feel when hear the cries of someone else’s baby or children tantrum.  You are not being judged as much as you think you are.
  2. Yelling, spanking or threatening are not the best way to discipline children.
    It will only ruin the relationship that parents have to the children.  Do not take too deep for the other who stares, the only matter you need to be concern are you and your child. Don’t be too harsh or too permissive for the sake of others.
  3. Be proactive.
    The best way to avoid a tantrum is to avoid tantrum triggers.  Is your child hungry?  Is your child want play more? Is your child wish or wanting something? Be prepare, aware and thoughtful. Such if you’re going grocery shopping, bring a snack and a bottle of water.  If you’re going to a function that requires them to sit quietly, bring a coloring book or something that could be play with. Always set the rules before you enter the place you are going.  I usually set the rule before we go to groceries or restaurant, I say “no arguing between siblings or no pester for candy, toys or etc.” Then they already know not to ask or that if they do my answer will be no.
  4. Don’t be afraid to walk away. 
    Leave your cart and walk outside with your child until he or she calms down or, if you’ve already made this a rule, leave the store and go home.  Preserving your relationship with your child and not losing yourself to embarrassment-driven permissive or authoritarian parenting is more important than whatever it is you needed to buy.

You have no responsibility to the on-lookers.  You only have a responsibility to your child to provide swift, consistent discipline that is firm, yet gentle and loving, in whatever setting you may be.

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